Our Ventures

Club Jiva

Holiday ownership means enjoying a guaranteed standard of quality, and knowing that personal expectations will be satisfied year after year. The certainty of superb facilities and comfortable accommodation always being available. You can share the company of fellow owners who also have the desire for a quality holiday, backed up by the security of ownership.
Enjoy knowing that a large part of your future holidays has already paid for and at today’s prices. You can also become part of DAE, one of the worlds holiday Exchange company. Enjoy all the benefits and flexibility of their exchange and travel services

Worldwide Vacations

World wide vacations, an integral part of the Ananta Oorjaa Enterprise Pvt. Ltd (AOEPL) family, which is run by the team that brings in 20 years of experience to manage great holidays with honest prices, with an eye to minutely detail and manage all logistics pertaining to corporate events like Team building sessions, rewards & recognitions, staff incentive travel, dealer meets, product launches within good budgets. We have to mention a special thanks to corporates like m/s Tata group, diageo , huntsman advanced materials india ltd, for their continued support by letting Worldwide Vacations manage their annual events and also a special thanks to over 2000 happy families who have patronized our services pertaining to their travel & holidays for over 20 years.